Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a selection of what we get asked on a regular basis.
We’ve got nothing to hide, but plenty to be proud of.

General Info

What is your typical project budget?

Our projects typically fall into three price categories:

  • $1,000 for small 2-3 page microsites with minimal design, HTML programming and data-capture.
  • $3,000 to $10,000 for average website projects including design, HTML programming and content management system installation. Optionally included things like custom development, search engine optimization, copy-writing, etc.
  • $12,000+ for projects with very complicated requirements, lots more moving pieces, plenty of custom development & programming plus on-going marketing activities.

Do you work for small, independent clients?

We love to work for clients large and small, but we do have a budget range that our projects typically fall into and we can't always meet every client's budget depending on expectations. See our budget ranges above.

How long have you been in business?

Simplicate opened for business in March 2010, but Steve Comrie, the owner, has been building and developing websites and custom web applications for 15 years.

How many full time employees do you have?

Full time? One, but if you're counting by the number of hours in the day worked, probably closer to two. Simplicate uses a number of respected and skilled freelance designers, programmers, writers and researchers to complete client projects as required. You can learn more about them on our team page. We plan on opening our office and hiring additional full time staff in the spring of 2013.


How does your web development process work?

We like to start each project off by working with you to complete our Website Brainstorming Worksheet. This will help us to collect and identify important pieces of information like goals, competitors and your vision for the website. From there, we'll move on to functional wireframes and design, followed by database development and programming, then content loading, reviews, user-testing, revisions, and finally the site launch. The individual steps may differ from project-to-project and we'll provide clear explanations every step of the way.

Can I see a Sample Proposal?

Sure you can, we have one available right here.

How do you handle future revisions?

Depending on the size of revision, we will either bill by the hour or we'll write up a quick quote for your approval. Sometimes, if a change is really minor and you catch us just as we're having our morning coffee, we might be able to do it for no-charge :)

Do you offer a warranty on websites you build?

We sure do and it's real simple: If anything breaks on your site, at any time within 12 months after launch, it will be fixed without any charge. Minor content updates and revisions to the site (design, layout and functionality) within 30 days after launch and completion of the project are also covered free of charge. We're proud of what we do and want to make sure that your end product enhances your business and makes life easier.

Non-Local Clients

Do you work with customers outside of Canada?

Yes we do! We've done business with companies in the US and in the UK. One time we were even asked to fly down to Brazil for a meeting.

What should we expect when working with a non-local company?

If we're in the same or similar time zone, then business will proceed pretty much like any other supplier or client that you work with. When working with non-local clients, we'll talk over the phone (or Skype) and will track project status via email or Basecamp, whatever is most comfortable for you. Project status update calls can be held once a week and usually last 15-20 minutes. In the IT field, the scope of communication is endless!

I need a website in a language other than English, can you help?

Absolutely, being in Canada, we typically develop websites either entirely in both in English and French. We've also developed websites in Spanish in the past.

Technical Stuff

What programming languages do you use to develop websites?

Currently we develop websites using PHP and MySQL. We're also proficient in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript and a handful of other esoteric programming languages that we try not to use unless we have to.

Do you host websites?

As a general rule, no. We believe that every client should be in control of their own web hosting environment. You wouldn't expect to pay your energy bill through your electrician would you? We'll help setup your hosting and will gladly be your point of contact for dealing with any issues, but our method keeps you in control of your business assets.


Are you available to work as a white-label sub-contractor?

Absolutely! Some of our favourite clients are advertising, marketing and design agencies. We're happy to work directly with you and your clients or behind the scenes so that your clients have no idea that we helped.

Do you take credit for third-party work?

You can also rest assured that we won't ever publicly display work we did for you in our portfolio if you don't want it showing up there. You're the star, we're your secret weapon.

Will you come to meetings with us?

Of course, we love to be your on-call technical expert. We can even attend your meeting or training session to make sure that all the project details are understood by everyone involved. Contact Us to let us know about any upcoming projects that you'd like our help with. 

Will you respond to RFPs?

We sure will, just submit it through our Request a Quote form or email it directly to

Who owns the work you complete?

You do of course! At the end of the project, we'll hand over all design files and programming code. We also have a strict policy that clients must control their own hosting accounts (we'll help set it up for you if you like), so you'll always have access to everything you need. Plus, we only use open source content management systems to complete our projects, so you'll never be *stuck* with us if you want to make a vendor change in the future.

Will you sign an NDA?

Of course we will. We even have a Mutual NDA available if you don't already have one.