The Importance of Planning Your SEO Strategy at the Start of Your Web Project

It is so easy to start throwing a website together, but are you going to get the rewards from it you were hoping for? If you don't plan for SEO up-front, it's a lot hard to achieve when you're ready to start promoting you site.

If you intend to promote your business, increasing your customer base and generating more sales from your site, you need to have your SEO strategy in place before you begin.

Your SEO strategy is directly linked to your website goals. In fact if you intend selling online you will have clear goals as to what you wish your website to accomplish, your SEO strategy will be directly linked to this every step of the way.

Here are four useful ways your SEO strategy can assist you in achieving your website goals.

Engaging Copy

If you intend marketing your business online, if you intend selling online or you want to increase your client base you will need engaging copy. Your website content should be interesting, informative and SEO friendly.

How is this done? You will have developed specific keywords as part of your SEO strategy, these keywords are words used by clients when searching for particular products or services. You need to ensure your website content is interesting and informative, include these keywords and link directly to your site.

Search Engine Design

Your web design will need to be search engine friendly, using keywords, links, backlinks and site maps that will ensure you are considered a reputable source by the search engines.

Google is one of the biggest search engines and one of the engines you want to improve your ranking and credibility with. They have put a new rule in place where they no longer work on keywords alone but rather the site as a whole, from the layout to the copy, they want the user to be informed before keywords are taken into consideration.

Your search engine designed site should have all of this incorporated into it to ensure maximum visibility.


When starting your website project you should have your pages mapped out, know what pages you wish to include and what each of them will have on them. From here you will need to have your SEO strategy ready, putting specific keywords to each page. These pages then need to be linked together using links.

By hyperlinking keywords you not only gain credibility through SEO but it also makes it easier for the user to navigate when using your website.

Online Marketing

Online marketing has become essential for every business that operates around the world. Having a good website and combining that with an excellent SEO strategy can improve your visibility and help you gain credibility over your competitors.

Taking the time to discuss your website goals and how you expect SEO to help your business online with your web developer will help them put a clear SEO strategy in place and then design your website around it, ensuring maximum visibility and the best possible performance.