How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

It’s a tough balancing act – you want your website to be fresh and exciting in order to draw in new customers, but you don’t want to change it so much or so often that you alienate your current customers or blow your budget.

So how often should you redesign your website?

How Much Business is Your Website Currently Generating?

The first factor in coming up with an answer to this question is the most important; it depends on your business. While you and your staff might think your website is stale or outdated, your customers (and just as important, your potential customers) might not think so. Remember that your website is simply a means to an end – you have a website in order to generate new business and service your current customers.

To decide whether you should consider a redesign for your website, you first need to look at how your website is currently contributing to your business. For example, if your website is bringing in as much new business as you can handle, and there’s no way for you to grow to take on any new customers, then you likely don’t need to worry about a site redesign at this point in time. On the other hand, if you’ve noticed that the amount of business generated by your website has fallen in recent months, and you can’t find any other reason to explain the decrease, then perhaps it’s time for a redesign.

Look at Your Conversion Rate

It’s not just the volume of business you should look at when evaluating your current website performance. If the amount of business has been steady, but your conversions are falling, then you might want to consider redesigning your site. In other words, if increasing numbers of people are visiting your website, but fewer of them are actually becoming customers, then it may be time to redesign your site.

Are Your Customers Asking For New Features?

Depending on the nature of your business, your website may be one channel (perhaps even your primary means) for taking orders, providing customer service, and other direct interactions. But are your current features enough? If your customers are asking for more functionality on your website, then you may want to consider a redesign (or at least an update) in order to serve them better.

How Much Traffic Do You Receive From Mobile Devices?

As you review your current website performance and user data, determine how many of your users are visiting on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet. Now look at how your website looks when it’s viewed on such a device, and how many of those visitors are converting into customers. If the conversion rates are noticeably lower than your average, then you may need to perform a redesign so that your site is optimized for mobile devices.

Don’t let your own subjective impressions of your website be the primary driver in deciding whether it’s time for a redesign. Instead, look to how your website is performing and serving your business goals, and think of ways to improve those measures.