How Video User Testing Can Help Improve Your Site

Chances are that if your business sells some type of physical product, you’ve undertaken some degree of testing on that product. Perhaps your business tests each product prior to launch, or maybe there’s an ongoing testing cycle. But what about your website? Read More

How Often Should You Redesign Your Website?

It’s a tough balancing act – you want your website to be fresh and exciting in order to draw in new customers, but you don’t want to change it so much or so often that you alienate your current customers or blow your budget. Read More

Why Your Website Needs Goals

One of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is launching and operating a quality website. While it’s not difficult to get a website up and running from a technical perspective, it takes more planning and effort to make a website that’s actually effective. Read More

How Important is User Experience Design?

User Experience design is the art of getting inside your users head. You want to figure out how they'll use your website, and then make sure that they're not going about the entire thing backwards. Read More