What is a Site Audit and Does Your Site Need One?

A website audit is an essential part of advertising your business online. It analysis your SEO, Social Media, usability and visibility. An audit is a way to look at and correct any SEO errors ensuring your site runs at optimum performance at all times.

Audits are a quick way to identify any errors and get them fixed as quickly as possible to ensure your site is always performing at its best. It’s a good idea to audit your website regularly, especially if you’re launching new products or services, or considering making major changes to your site.


A website audit should highlight the home page content. Is there a paragraph introducing the site? Is your home page free of pop-ups and paid advertising? Is the page flash free?

Your home page should be informative and have more information than advertising, this will help your reputability with the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Other website functionality a site audit will highlight is SEO (search engine optimization). SEO is where specific keywords are used to increase your ranking in search engine results. This is essential when marketing yourself online.

Think of it this way. Years ago before internet, there were probably a handful of competitors in your specific area and market. Now with the internet you are competing against thousands of competitors, many of whom trade internationally increasing their target area.

A website audit will analyse and correct any SEO issues, it will determine how you rank in search engine results and ensure that each of your webpages correspond to a specific keyword. It will also analyse to determine how effective your pages are, helping you make any necessary changes to improve your visibility, which in turn increases your web traffic and sales generated.

Lastly your website audit should analyse your landing pages and your site map, ensure they are working effectively to offer optimum website performance.

Does Your Site Need a Site Audit?

You may want to consider a website audit if you find that your website traffic and sales generated from your site is lowering. Maybe you are losing customers and are not sure why.

Other reasons to consider a website audit is if you cannot find your pages when you type in specific keywords into search engines. Your keywords should bring your site up to within the top five with good SEO practices in place.

When you realise that your website is not generating business as it should, you don’t appear in search engine results and you are not getting the website traffic you expect, it may be time to consider a site audit to determine where they key issues lie, so you can correct them and enjoy optimum website performance.