Why your site needs to be mobile device friendly

The internet has taken technology to an entirely new level. It has changed the way people find products and services and completely changed the way people buy items. Today, at least 50% of your websites visitors will be reading your site on a mobile phone.

The internet has enabled people to buy products and arrange services from the comfort of their own homes, they pay for the items and they are conveniently delivered to the front door. This is probably why you already have a website, a website that can generate new business and increase turnover.

But technology hasn’t stopped there and within the past few years internet access has been incorporated into mobile phones, this has added another dramatic change to how people use the internet and how websites need to be developed to be mobile friendly.

The Proof

If your website isn’t already mobile device friendly, you may want to read through these basic statistics to realise the importance of having a website that is easy to access, navigate and use from a mobile device.

There are 5.2 billion mobile phones being used around the world, of which one billion of these are smart phones. Half of these users are between the ages of twenty five and forty five, this probably falls into your specific target audience.

Here comes the interesting statistics, proof that a mobile device friendly website can make a big impact on your business.

Eighty four per cent of all mobile users will use their phones to search the internet, of this sixty one per cent of these users will not return to a website they couldn’t access off their mobile device.

Seventy per cent of all mobile users will search, compare and buy using their mobile device while on the go. Ninety five per cent of all users will search for local services from their phone and eighty eight per cent of these users will take action that same day, whether it’s ordering a service or buying a product.

How Does This Impact You?

The statistics are proof on their own and these figures are constantly increasing. There are more people signing mobile contracts each day. With 3G and 4G technology they don’t need a Wi-Fi signal to use their devices, this is where your website comes in.

A website designed for mobile devices needs to load quickly and be very easy to navigate. Imagine using a small screen to search for a product, you need to be able to zoom in on the page, but still find exactly what you are looking for quickly.

You need to ensure that information, pictures and payment options are easy to access from a mobile device in order to enjoy the benefits of your websites success. Having a mobile device friendly website can generate new business, dramatically increase turnover and pay for itself within a short period of time.