Just call Simplicate ...

We completely redesigned the Flow website from the groud-up. We incorporated imagery that was inline with their branding and the industries in-which their clients tended to work. We proposed a new navigation and structure for all the content pages that gave more prominence to their unique set of skills and differentiating factors that made them stand out from their competition.

We also included advanced content management tools within their WordPress theme that allowed them to easily add new pages to the site while maintaining the site’s unique style, all without having to learn any complicated GUI tools or pseudo-programming languages.

By the numbers...

The new site was an immediate improvement over the previous site and their site visitors seemed to notice.


increase in page views


increase in page views per session


average session duration increase


increase in qualified leads per month

Project recap

We’re happy with how the Flow website turned out, and the client is happy with a new site that more accurately reflects their service and beyond that, a site that they can be proud to share with prospective clients and industry peers.

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Launch Date

June 2018

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