Better call Simplicate ...

At over 1,400 pages, PopToys was one of the largest projects we had worked on at the time. They original site suffered from a lack of clarity, and confused visitors trying to understand their service offerings. We spent a considerable amount of time working with the client to create a structure for generating content and organizing their services into a coherent and easy to understand format.

Once the planning and content mapping was done, we began developing a design for their new site that matched the character of their company.

A logo in desperate need of a refresh

We had a very hard time talking the client into letting us refresh their logo. We knew it had to be done, but the client was less than receptive.

We finally managed to convince them to separate the logo from the illustrations of the children, and then we re-introduced cartoon illustrations through-out the rest of the site to maintain the same character of the original logo.

What our client had to say...

With the launch of our new site, we’ve noticed a
drastic increase in the number of leads coming in.

Your expertise regarding usability and SEO strategies have proven to be quite effective. Plus we just love the illustrations through-out the site!

Allison Samoluk View Linked In Profile
Marketing Manager, PopToys

By the numbers...

Shortly after launching the new site, more and more leads began to trickle in. Before long, it was as if someone had turned on a firehose. PopToys was showing up everywhere in the search listings, and the new site helped focus visitors to conversion goals.


pages of SEO optimized content


Increase in web-based leads


Keywords ranking on the 1st page of Google

Project recap

This project was about as far from a walk in the park as you could get, and we certainly learned a lot working on it. It was a challenging at times, but we’ve often found that the most difficult projects and clients to work with, are the ones that teach you the most – if you’re willing to learn. Despite our struggles, we think the results spoke for themselves in the end.



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June 2013

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