Simplicate was ready to help...

We started from scratch and streamlined everything. We created a new structure, looked at user experience, re-configured the information architecture and drafted the content. A complete website overhaul.

The new website is easy to navigate and not only provides information on what the organization does, but also portrays the difference that they are making in the community and provides better information on how people can get involved through volunteering or donating.

Giving the gift of hope

We also developed a customize donation application that allowed donors to feel more connected to the donation experience by allowing them to select which specific items of need they would like their donation to be applied towards.

The new system fully integrates with their existing payment processor (Stripe) as well as the CRM system they were already using for contact database management, accounting and recurring donation tracking.

Time to launch

The timescale to get the website completed was driven by their ‘Sleeping Out’ fundraiser event. The website had to be launched prior to the event taking place, giving us a tight turnaround. We rose to the challenge!

Partner Agency

Launch Date

August 2020


Youth Programs

Services Used

  • Website Development
  • AODA & WCAG Compliance
  • Information Architecture
  • Planning Center Integration
  • SendGrid Integration
  • Stripe Integration
  • UX Planning & Design
  • WordPress Development