Good thing someone called Simplicate ..

The in-house, web-based application used by VereQuest’s Customer Insight specialists had been managed by several different programmers over nearly a decade and was now ready for a rigorous and substantial upgrade. Additionally, new clients were driving new requirements for the software in the areas of customization and reporting that had to be met in conjunction with the rebuild effort.

Recognizing that the deadlines for correcting bugs and introducing new features did not allow time for the application to be re-written from the ground-up, Simplicate took the novel approach of building a new system alongside the old system that would incrementally take over individual parts of the application as that part was re-written in the new system.

The reporting system was significantly expanded.

It now incorporates a wider range of data including the ability to visualize and drill down to specific pieces of data that were previously unavailable. This has allowed VereQuest’s clients to garner valuable insight into precisely which parts of their customer service programs were working / not working. The end result is a complete reporting system that shows an accurate depiction of a customer’s journey throughout an organization, highlighting key interactions and any issues that may impact negatively on future sales or increase customer loyalty.

What our client had to say...

Fast, smart, and reasonable are the three best ways to describe Simplicate.

We had worked with several web development companies before we were referred to Simplicate. What a relief! We completely revamped our internal application for significantly less than other estimates and our clients were wowed by the results. We would enthusiastically recommend Steve and his team to our colleagues and clients.

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President & Founder, VereQuest

Project recap

Simplicate and VereQuest continue to work together to launch new features for their in-house application.




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2010 – 2017

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