Want more web traffic? Our way is the highway.

Imagine after all your hard work and hard-earned investment, you finally launch your new website but no one knows it’s there. It would be like throwing a massive party and no one shows up… because you never sent out the invitations.

Your audience needs to know your website exists to visit, click and engage. Whether it means having your website rank well on search engines like Google, or having some form of outbound/inbound marketing, a digital marketing strategy is essential for you to get maximum value from your digital assets.

Whatever your budget and expectations, our solutions can be custom tailored to perfectly fit your needs – whether your business is a large, small or one of those tricky in-between sizes. Our focus is to provide turnkey solutions that improve website performance, drive visitors to your site and inspire action.


What our clients have said...

The team at Simplicate has been
our secret weapon for many years.

Honestly, if I thought this testimonial might result in them getting too busy to work on our projects, I would have thought twice before providing it. Simplicate is simply too valuable an asset to risk losing.

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Seven degrees of separation from the competition

Contact us to ask how we can develop a digital marketing strategy that will make you stand out from the competition and drive greater traffic to your site.

  • Search Engine Optimization / SEO

    Digital marketing Toronto is a keyword we use to drive people to our site. The goal in SEO is that if you’re searching online for a digital marketing firm, we’ll rank high in the search results, you’ll visit our site and learn what we’re all about, hear harp music in your head and contact us for an estimate. Whatever your business’ keywords and key needs, our proven SEO tactics will help you climb the search engine ladder to drive greater traffic to your site, providing you with a better return on your investment galleon.

  • Social Media Marketing

    One of the biggest digital marketing mistakes companies make is trying to manage their social media internally. The hitch? Unless the person delegated has strategic marketing expertise and is able to set aside time daily, those social media efforts could be doing more harm than good. Trust our marketing professionals to turn your social platforms into effective springboards for extra traffic to your site.

  • Content Marketing

    When you develop a regular flow of online content, you’re creating opportunities for a regular stream of engaged users back to your website. Our content marketing strategies are designed to position your company as a thought leader in your industry, while increasing your pageviews and thus improving your search engine ranking.

  • Email Marketing

    Connect with your target audience one-on-one in a deep and meaningful way. Our email marketing strategies and automation tools enable you broadcast timely, relevant, even personalized content that leads to high open rates and quality engagement. Meanwhile, our analytic tools track behavioural data to grow audience insights and inform opportunities for innovation.

  • CPC / Display Advertising

    An effective cost-per-click advertising strategy can dramatically improve your search engine results. We work with you to develop a cost-sensitive plan that allows you to bid on relevant keywords that will improve your ranking while staying true to your budget. We can also develop targeted display ads geared to users who have visited your site and give them a reason to click back.

  • Microsite Design & Landing Page Design

    When you’re planning a limited-time promotion or special event, nothing supports your efforts digitally like a landing page or microsite. As smaller siblings to your main site, these digital approaches let you streamline your information, boost website performance and pinpoint your strategy to focus strictly on conversions. Developing a fresh web asset also provides us with the creative freedom to do whatever fits your need instead of working within the technical confines of your existing site.

  • Integrated Campaigns & Conversion Optimization

    At Simplicate, we avoid the cookie cutter and love breaking the mould. Ask how we can help you develop a customized campaign that integrates multiple digital marketing strategies to incrementally drive visitors to your site and optimize conversions. Whatever the budget, we’ll work within it and show you why two (or more) digital heads is even better than one.

Recent Digital Marketing Projects

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